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Smoke bomb

Smoke bomb // 14 08 15

226 // 365

It’s wet. It’s raining. I started last night and it hasn’t stopped yet. I was looking forward to going out again but it’s that fine rain that gets you wet super quick so I can’t really go out and shoot.
So I decided to do some indoor photography and ended up with this.

All the brightest ideas

All the brightest ideas // 20 10 14

293 // 365

The last week of a half term is always nice. There is that feeling of ‘aaah not long to go’ so in a way you perk back up a bit. The second and third last weeks before a half term are always the worst because you know you still have quite a way to go.

This week I am mainly marking like a mad woman so that I can have the next week totally off from work, and driving to Leeds for a training course on Thursday. Oh how exciting 😉

Of double exposures

Of double exposures // 30 09 14273 // 365

I knew I wanted to do this shot yesterday as soon as the other one came out. What I didn’t want to do was do it so soon after the first one.
As it turns out I have a massive headache, the shot I did earlier in the day didn’t work out and I just couldn’t really think of anything else to do. Maybe it was me secretly really wanting to do this shot, but despite having a sunflower which I’ve not photographed on the back garden and the lilies from yesterday in a vase on the windowsill neither really appealed to me.

On a side note I went out to the woods behind my school and I found a moped which had been taken apart and all of the parts neatly placed apart from the engine which was no where to be found. Weird.

Anywhoo that is September done with 🙂

Purple Smoke

Purple smoke // 21 06 14

172 // 365

Another shot where I’ve left it a bit late.
After coating myself in bug repellent, and loading myself up on antihistamines, I ventured out into the garden to mow the lawn. Managed to not get bitten so that is good *thumbs up*. I then slept for about 4 hours in the afternoon as my hip had been playing up and well I was just tired. Woke up just in time to start cooking tea; did level 3 of the Shred, ate tea, did 30 mins on the exercise bike. Realised it was 930pm and I’d not taken a picture.
Still really tired despite the nap!