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Day 12 – Dulas Bay and the Old Brick Works, Porth Wen

Today we went to Dulas Bay, and Porth Wen. This was the trip we tried to do on Monday, but we didn’t manage to make it to either.
This time in order to prepare I was on Google Maps zoomed in at 100% plotting where to park for minimum walking.

S.O.S. First up was Dulas Bay. We got there as the tide was going in, so one of the abandoned boats was already in water. This left me with the one closer to the shore to play in. I took my boots off and got into my dress, and then into the water. Little had I thought about the crabs. I hate crabs. I was almost stood on a large number of crabs. I had a bit of a freak out, jumped for the shore, gathered myself together and tentatively got back into the water. Shipwrecked

The tide was coming in pretty quickly, so we went back to the car (Which I had wondered if it were going to be in water, as the place to park wasn’t much higher than where the water was).
I then drove us to Porth Wen. We had tried to walk there on Monday, but we turned back as we weren’t sure how much farther away it was. This time though, I had found a closer parking spot, and it was a short 10 minute walk across farmers fields.

Porth Wen When we got to the end of the farmers fields, we had to walk down a steep mud path with heathers and weeds up above our heads. This was only a couple of minutes though, and then we were there. Dulas Bay


Perdition (Darkness by her side)

Perdition // 04 10 15//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js276 // 365

A busy morning baking brownies and cookies. I’ve been trying to add in more protein, so originally I substituted half of the cocoa for chocolate whey. This was fine! Then I substituted half of the flour for pea protein and they were OK but dry. So this time I put more of the liquid ingredients in and they were fine this time – huzzah!

This afternoon we went on a little exploration, and the light was rather nice 🙂

This evening I tried to make my own pasta for the first time. It went OK but it was too thick. To make my life more difficult it was protein pasta I was trying to make, and ravioli at that. I’ve never made pasta before! I will try it again though 🙂


Lost letters//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Darkness by her side//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

The loss of naivety

The loss of naivety // 06 04 14
096 // 365

Today I spent all morning ironing. Maybe a slight exaggeration but it did take a long time – my own fault for not doing it last weekend though!
This afternoon however was another story. I met up with my friend and we went to check out some locations – one of my all time favourite things to do – a little trip into the unknown!
I found (or rather my friend showed me) old buildings, old overgrown graves and bluebells (I actually found these on my own) so it was a very exciting.
Looks like there will be many return trips here, as it was super easy to get to ^_^
Bluebells on the way :-D



054 // 365

For a long time I’ve been collecting and banking textures; then I started doing the same with clouds… Now I’ve started doing the same with backgrounds.
I have been doing a photo a day project for 4 years now (although we’re not that far into year four!) and this project is difficult enough to do in the first place; doubly so during the winter months when the weather is bad; triply so when this is your fourth year of doing so.
At this time of year I always feel that my shots become a bit samey. Roll on better weather!



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I believe that you feel things more acutely when you are feeling vulnerable, those times when you need that little bit extra support are the times when if someone lets you down you feel it all the more.
At present this is something which I can relate to. It takes a lot for me to admit that I need help; and normally I do myself more damage by doggidly sticking with something, rather than admitting I need a helping hand. More often that not if someone realises that I need a hand – and offers one – I bat it away.
I’m stubborn, and at times this can be my downfall.