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In the garden

In the garden // 26 04 14116 // 365

Day 15 / 16 – Photo in a different location every day challenge
Location 14: My garden, UK

Technically not shot in my garden (even though I have shot in my house twice) so I’m going to allow myself this one. Felt ill yesterday, and don’t really feel much better today. Possibly suffering from back to work blues.

Magenta Tulip

Magenta tulip // 05 04 14
095 // 365

Some days I wake up and I can’t wait to take a photo. Some days I wake up and I have load of ideas.
Some days I wake up and if I weren’t doing a photo every day I know without shadow of a doubt that I would not have picked my camera up that day. Today was one of those days.
It is not often that I resent taking a photo every day, and today was no exception. I think I have successfully worked it so far into my routine that it would be weird to not take a photo, even though I don’t want to or I’m not inspired.
I think that lack of inspiration is easier at this time of year; it’s lighter for longer and there are flowers out in the garden.

Wonderful spring weekend

Wonderful spring weekend // 30 03 14
089 // 365

This weekend has been a lovely weekend. Yesterday was a lot brighter than today, but this morning I noticed that a lot of flowers had come out in my garden!
There are snake’s head fratellis, tulips, daffodils (white ones, normal ones, tiny triple headed ones), wall flowers, pansy’s…! 🙂
I think last year was the first time I planted tulips on the front, they will get more sun that the ones on the back; but the ones on the back are not too far off flowering.
Prepare for a lot of flower photos! 😛


Mushrooms! // 20 09 13 by Manadh
Mushrooms! // 20 09 13, a photo by Manadh on Flickr.

263 // 365
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There are not enough works to fully express how much I love the season autumn (fall). I love the changing colours, nature, the early evenings (admittingly not too early…).
This year however, autumn has started off cold and for me this means worsened pain in my knee joints. I’ve been so tired too, last night for exam I wanted to go to bed at 730. I managed to hold out until 830, then decided it was indeed bed time.

I have decided to be as pro active as possible about it; keep warm, stock up on tablets and keep on doing my exercises. It is difficult to make yourself do exercise when your joints hurt though!