Obligatory “new blog” post

I’ve tried blogging many times; I’ve got a LiveJournal, two (no less!) Bloggers and a Tumblr.

I had a lot of “success” using LJ, before the inevitable crush that comes with posting what you actually think and sharing it with other teenage girls you are friends with. I’ve always suffered from “honesty is the best policy” much to my own detriment, as it seems most people just want pandering too rather to actually know what you think. So that blog died a death. No matter how many times you try to explain yourself, people seem to only want to see the negatives. From this I learnt to shut up most of the time. It’s worked out well for me.
Blogger I tried, but ended up not bothering with. For no particular reason.
Tumblr I unashamedly love. Really love. But I always feel Tumblr is more for LOLZ and pictures than actual blogging. Whenever I actually write a post I end up either not posting it, or deleting it after I do.

So here we are. No idea when I actually set this WP blog up. It’s never been used but I claimed that there manadh domain (There is always that little bit of “aaah shit” when I see that Manadh has been taken. Though usually it is taken by me, so that’s always nice)

Now to address that all important question that comes with a new blog: What is it’s purpose?
Honestly? No idea. It will probably steer heavily towards photographs and visiting places as this is what so much of my life seems to revolve around.
It will probably also include random thoughts on things that have happened in my life, whilst trying to keep them generic and as something one can learn from.

I don’t hold high hopes because I’m a bit hit and miss with blogging, so we’ll see how it goes *fingers crossed*


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