Soft Shell

Slightly uninspired again tonight. Had a not too good day at work and then couldn’t really work up the motivation to photograph anything. This is a shell which lives on the bathroom window sill. I was actually trying to work something out with two crab shells left over from tea yesterday but it didn’t quite work out like I wanted.


And now…

To bed! At 9:15 pm


Bonfire Party

I had planned on being really brave tonight. I was going to my friend from works party for his daughter and I knew there would be “a few people” and some fireworks. An excellent opportunity to photograph some exploding fireworks! Totally bottled it when I got there though. A lot more people there than I had anticipated, and I didn’t want to be *that* person with the SLR photographing the fireworks. So instead I took a couple of the left over sparklers home and photographed them as it was gone 9pm by the time I left.

Disappointed in myself for bottling it? Yes.
Enough to do something about it next time? Probably not.

Clumber Park

Clumber Park is almost 4,000 acres of parkland, heath and woods. It is located in Worksop, which is in Nottinghamshire, England. I’ve been a few times before, and this was actually my second visit this year (I went in summer time). I had written down in my photography book that I wanted to return in autumn, and today was that day!

The weather started off overcast, but it really brightened up! πŸ™‚ It was great to get out of the house on a crispy Autumn day and wander around of a couple of hours. So glad the weather was good as I have really missed going out and taking photographs *shakes fist in the general direction of sunrise and sunset times in the UK*



Quite enjoying macro shots at the moment seeing as I can’t really get outside. Looking forward to tomorrow and Sunday though, both should offer the opportunity to get outside and (on Saturday) take some autumn shots and (on Sunday) some fireworks shots.
I found this conker shell when we went to the cemetery last weekend, and brought it home thinking it might make an interesting shot.

Anyway, that’s one week down …. Six more until Christmas! :-p

I love flowers (after many years of hate)

When I was growing up I was a tom boy. A really big tom boy in fact. All my friends were boys and we would play Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or cars or climb trees. I used to love football and regularly go to matches and play on the field with my friends and male family members. I distinctly remember once the boys who lived next to my cousin (who were a good few years older than me, I must have been about 13 and at a guess they would have been about 16) saying “Whose that girl, she’s alright at footie”. Because I was!

If we went to McDonalds I’d always make my mum go back to swap the toy for the boys toy and I never had any make up or dolls. I hated flowers and anything pink.

As I’ve grown up I’ve usually found it easier to talk to males rather than females, and I’m still tom boy ish (Although recently I’ve started wearing dresses, but that is a very recent development!). Compared to other females I guess I’m really still a tom boy, just maybe a tom boy in disguise now.

Even though I started to act a bit more girly in my early 20s, I never had a fondness for flowers – that is until I got my own house. A garden hadn’t really been a priority when we were house hunting. I wanted one but I didn’t garden nor did I have any interest in it so it didn’t need to be a big one, just something to sit in to have the occasional BBQ.

Since moving out I’ve developed a love for gardening and flowers in general. So I guess it’s never too late to change your ways πŸ˜›


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