Flutterby fly away

This photo is somewhat out of my comfort zone, but I’m hoping to keep practising at shots like it – practice makes perfect after all!

I’m reading a book and trying to try out new methods of taking photographs, so here goes…


Turned to ash

I’m normally quite a chipper person, but today I had a real low. It came on for on reason really – I’d been quite happy in the morning (I’d had a dream about Christmas). But by dinner time I couldn’t even pretend to be happy. No idea where it came from, but it seems to be going – hopefully I’ll be back to normal by tomorrow.

I really need some inspiration for what to photograph around the house now the days are shorter. Back lighting things and macro shots are starting to become the norm…

Help! I’m all tangled up

I ended up going to my friends house straight from work and not getting home until after 7pm! Eeek!

That didn’t leave much time for photos, so I went for two classics combined: Danbo and bokeh lights.

Wanted the lights to be nice and big, so ended up stopping to f/1.4 which makes for a rather narrow DoF…

Shirebrook Valley, Sheffield

Decided to go for a walk. I’d spent a lot of yesterday sat down at the computer and my knees had been playing up – going for a walk seems to do them some good.

I have been to this place a number of times before but I can never seem to remember what it is called. A bit of Googling tells me it is called Shire Brook Valley : )

If you get off the beaten track it is a bit of a dumping ground for random things. Before when I’ve been I’ve come across the carcass of a car, a tyre grave yard (including tractor tyres) and a childs shoe. Today a found the rusty remains of a motorbike.

Rather annoyingly whilst out I’ve lost the ball out of my lip ring (Doubly annoying as it isn’t a standard size. I need a 3mm ball and the smallest you can get is 4mm. However a spot of eBaying has turned up a 9mm ring, so looks like I will be buying a new one..) and then I pushed a branch back, expected it to snap off only for it to thwack me in the face really hard.

Sunset by the Suburbs

I ran a little bit out of steam the last couple of days and my photographs are a little bit lacking… As the skies cleared up as the day went on I decided to go to my favourite spot to take a few photographs.

It was rather muddy and I wasn’t particularly dressed for the occasion but when has that ever stopped me!

Adventure Time

I use Tumblr quite a lot, though I am more of a silent watcher than a poster.
For a while now there has been posts about this odd looking ‘person’ and ‘animal’ which I concluded was a kids TV show that was also great for adults (a bit like Spongebob, oh how I love Spongebob).

Anyway I kept forgetting about it until Friday night when I was home alone and decided to look it up.

It’s a Cartoon Network show called Adventure Time and luckily for me it was on at 8pm so I set it to record.
Krys came home and we both watched it together, and oh how we lol’d.

It’s on every night at 8pm, so I’ve set it to record all week.


Twycross Zoo

Sometimes being a teacher has its perks. Today I got to take 24 pupils to Twycross Zoo.
The zoo has changed a lot since I was last there, which was at a guess about 4 years ago. However one thing which me really happy was the fact they are getting lions soon and this time the otters were actually out!

The gift shop/cafe had a snow leopard enclosure attached to it which was really nice – although conversations were really disjointed as people were talking to each other whilst staring out of the window and each time the leopards did anything conversation stopped, hehehe

This owl was part of one of the new sections at the zoo, as were the pelicans below.

Otters on parade!

And a couple of autumn shots which I took whilst I was there : )

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