No more left to give

No more left to give // 16 01 15

I’ve had this shot in mind for a while. It’s not in my original plans for the series, nor even in the revised “add in” sketches, but I fell like it fits.

After walking through the woods she has ended up veering from the path she originally followed and has collapsed amongst the leaves and fallen branches; she has nothing left to give.
She lies there, asleep, throughout the night and as dawn begins to break she begins to stir.


Reflections // 10 01 1602 // 52

We (kB and I) have decided that as part of my Project 52 we will go on a walk once a month (at least) to a different place each time and then go for a pub lunch.

Even though last weekend we went out for photo number 1 in the series, we decided to go out again this weekend. Mainly because I was going to go out anyway, and I think kB wanted a pub lunch. Besides we didn’t go out after we’d shot last weeks photo as we were a bit damp so we just came straight home.

The pub we went to is called The Norfolk Arms, and I think we got there at just about the right time as people couldn’t get a seat about 10 minutes after we had ordered. We’ve driven past this pub loads of times, but it was the first time we’ve been inside it.
kB ordered a New York Deli burger and I have a mushroom thing, as the soup of the day was Carrot and Coriander, and I don’t like coriander.
Anywhoo it was very nice and as I pointed out to kB on the way home this time next week the walk and pub location will be in Loch Lomond as we’ll be half way to Skye!


Project 366 2016

Kettlebells // 02 01 16

Today whilst I was in the gym I decided to take a photo. This is unusual for me not only because it’s rare I take my phone to the gym, but also because I’m not really one for taking photos on my phone.

It was probably something my subconscious had already been digesting, but it then seemed obvious to me that I could indeed carry on taking a photo a day, but use the camera on my phone to shoot, edit and upload the shots.

As the day progressed I began to think about it more, and I’ve come up with the following plan:

  • Shoot my concept story as and when. If these shots happen to fall on a day and I can use them for my 366 then do so
  • Project 52 for “Changing Seasons”, to focus on at least one landscape a month. This can be part of the 366
  • I will undoubtedly still take random shots of things (flowers, macro shots, random conceptual stuff that isn’t part of the story). These can be part of the 366
  • Any other days where I can’t be bothered, which I’m assuming and allowing it to be a big chunk of the year; take, edit and upload to Flickr from my phone/tablet. At the end of every month I will create a mosaic of the months shots and share to my social platforms, then hide all of the bad ones from Flickr 😉

I enjoy taking a photo every day, and I think it pushes me to be more creative. This way I am still being involved in shooting, but I’m allowing myself more flexibility with not only sharing, but shooting as well 🙂

It will also, hopefully, allow me to interact with people more on social media and write blog posts to go with my images rather than just post and run.

That’s the plan anyway, we will see how it goes!

The End

The End // 31 12 15365 // 365

Well that’s it; five years of taking a photo every day (1826 days straight!) has come to an end. I’ll still be shooting, just not every day. Thanks to everyone who has followed me and liked my stuff 🙂
Wishing everyone all the best for the new year! xx

Stormy Weather

Stormy Weather //  30 12 15
364 // 365

It was predicted to rain all day today, but this morning it was just spitting and really windy. So I went out and took a photo.

I’m now going to spend the rest of the afternoon trying to figure out how to make a short video of all 5 years of my Project 365 shots…

Before the Dawn

Before the Dawn // 29 12 15

363 // 365

Today me and mum went on out annual “lets brave the Xmas sales trip to the local shopping centre. This year we managed; Boots, Paperchase, Superdrug, Dorothy Perkins and M&S before returning home. I bought reduced lamb shanks and stuffing from M&S. We are pants at shopping. Totally pants.

Sunrise : )

Winter sunset

Winter III // 28 12 15 362 // 365

I’m stuck in that strange Xmas limbo where I’m fed up of eating and drinking, but this is the only time of the year where such yummy food and drink is fair game and so I feel like I should eat as much as possible whilst I can 😛Sunset

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