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I’ve really enjoyed getting out and shooting the last few days.
The weather has been ideal for it, and I’ve been motivated to do it. Even though I’ve not been shooting on my proper camera every day, I’ve still taken a photo every day. It’s much more relaxed and I’ve been enjoying shooting a lot more – although since the clocks changed and it’s lighter for longer I have been missing it. I’m hoping to shoot more regularly with my camera from now on.

Crocus (& more from Skye)

Crocus // 20 02 16

It’s rained a lot today, on and off. I’ve spent a lot of the day using Photoshop (But not editing pictures) and then as I was editing today’s shot I decided to have a look back on some of the Isle of Skye photos. I found a few that I had exported but not uploaded so I decided to upload those.

Can’t believe we’ve been back a week. It really was the most beautiful place!
Norway has got stiff competition (We’re off to Norway in July)

Bamburgh - Just before sunrise


Fairy Pools

View from Quiraing, Skye Rain, rain, go away...


Oyster shell

Oyster Shell

Last Friday I had deep fried oysters in a batter with some wasabi mayo. It was lush. I asked if I could keep one of the shells to add to our mini shell/rock collection (Shells/rocks from places we’ve visited).
I think I’m feeling a bit lost some evenings. I want to crochet my red panda, but I’m kind of stuck without the eyes for now. I feel a bit like I have nothing to do, so I decided to take a quick photo tonight.

Day 2 – Isle of Skye

Waterfall, Isle of Skye We were up with the larks this morning; we were at the breakfast bar in the hotel for when it opened (at 730), in fact we were so on time there that the chef was still putting the food out!


We set off at about 8, and it took us ages to get to Eilean Donan castle. This was 100% my fault because it was so bloomin’ pretty I kept pulling over every 15 minutes to take photos.

Mountains and rivers

We finally got onto Skye and into our hotel by about 230 ish. We dumped the stuff in our room then went for a stroll around Portree. I knew that it was going to be pretty much closed up for the winter season, and it was. There are a few cafes and restaurants open, but all of the restaurants seem to be attached to hotels.

After that we drove to Sligachan Bridge and the Cullins and took some photos before going back to the hotel room and having tea.
Super tired yet again!


Snowdrops // 01 02 1605 // 52

As the ‘one a week’ photo project is The Changing Seasons, I figured that it was about time we had some flowers in it! The first flower of the new year – the Snowdrop 🙂

And, just because, here is my Project 365 montage for January. I’m rather enjoying the lack of pressure from being able to shoot and edit on my phone; although I am looking forward to being a bit more active once the days get longer!

January 2016

Chester Zoo

Cheekie Chappie // 23 01 16
Yesterday me, kB and my mum and dad went to Chester Zoo. It was my 30th birthday and I like going places for my birthday rather than parties.
For my main present people have clubbed together and me and kB are driving to the Isle of Skye, so people have paid for hotels and meals and whatever 🙂
Because we are going to Skye, and so I’ll be seeing lots of waterfalls and mountains and castles, I decided I’d rather go to the zoo for my birthday than the traditional historic place.
It was a nice day out. We got there just after it opened and I took loads of pictures.
The red pandas are by far my favourite!


Red Panda


The First Snow

The First Snow // 17 01 16

Last night it snowed a bit 😀
This morning, had we not had to go to the gym I would have gone somewhere and done a proper landscape with the snow. However we had to do to the gym this morning, and by the time we were coming out it was a bit melted.
Despite being really tired from the gym, I went out for a walk around the same woods I took yesterdays shot in, and managed to find this. I do love a good isolated tree; and bare trees are more interesting than fully clothed trees – well to me anyway.

No more left to give

No more left to give // 16 01 15

I’ve had this shot in mind for a while. It’s not in my original plans for the series, nor even in the revised “add in” sketches, but I fell like it fits.

After walking through the woods she has ended up veering from the path she originally followed and has collapsed amongst the leaves and fallen branches; she has nothing left to give.
She lies there, asleep, throughout the night and as dawn begins to break she begins to stir.