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Sunset on the Moorlands

The weather promised me that it the clouds would go for the sunset, but an hour before the sun would dip below the horizon line, it was still pretty cloudy.

Heather I decided it was worth the risk, and the trip out, so I put some clothes back on (I’d had a shower and gotten straight into my jim jams from the Abbey walk earlier in the day) and off we went up the hill out of the valley to the car park at the top. Heather

How patiently I waited when we got to the car park at the top! I wandered around trying to find a good patch of heather, set up shop and waited. The longer I waited the more the clouds parted.

Heather Heather

Every day there has been a rainbow at around the same time (just before sunset) in the same place. How bizarre!

Heather Heather


Malham Pt. 2

Even though it was forecast to be chucking it down all day we decided to do the circular walk. We went in the direct of Janet’s Foss – Gordale Scar – Malham Cove. I had wanted to climb up the scar but the weather conditions weren’t ideal and I’m not that brave!

Janet's Foss

When we first set out it was only drizzling a bit, so I was optimistic that the weather forecast wouldn’t be right…

Malham Cove

But by the time we got to Gordale Scar it was chucking it down! Then it chucked it down whilst e walked to Malham Cove. Then it stopped raining for the walk back.

River On the Road for Gordale Scar


Offering // 23 02 15054 // 365

Quite pleased with myself today; 30 minutes exercise bike, 30 minutes circuit training, 40+ minutes dancing.
We aimed to go to a tone and sculpt class, only to find out that the receptionist had told us it was on when in fact it had stopped running weeks ago. As we were already out and there was a clubercise (dancing in the dark with glowsticks! lol!) class on we decided to just go for it. Enjoyed it probably more than I should have. Will return…

A safe place

A safe place // 21 10 14294 // 365

I have a worrying problem with pumpkins. At present we have 4 real ones and 2 crochet ones. Two of the real ones we have had for two week already, and I plan on buying some more when we go to Bakewell market on Saturday. Because one can never have too many pumpkins ❀

Summer holidays 2013

It’s 8pm at night, I am tucked up in bed and mightily tired. Tomorrow is the 2nd of September which this year means it is back to work after six weeks off.
At the start of the holidays I said I wanted to focus on…

  • Photoshop and photography
  • Get buff
  • Look into selling prints online and at craft fairs
  • Read more
  • Buy a new external hard drive and back up my work
  • Go through the last two years of project 365β€²s and delete out all the rubbish shots which are just clogging up my hard drive

Photography and photoshop – I defiantly pushed myself on the Photoshop front; I’ve tried lots of new things and for this I am proud of myself, and I am on the whole happy with pretty much every shots I have created these past 6 weeks, I can think of two which stand out as being a bit naff but that’s not bad going!
I’ve also been featured on a website and published in a magazine – both of which was other people contacting me so that is nice πŸ™‚

Get buff – kind of did this, but then going on holiday for a week has put it back a bit. However the physio appointment I had has motivated this as now it’s not just a case of getting fit and looking good, it’s also for my knees. I’m aiming to do Pilates a minimum f 3x a week (aiming for 5 ideally) and building in some exercise bike (starting with 5 mins a day).

Selling prints – I did look into it, but then did nothing about it :-/

Read more – I did read more than I had, but I should have read a lot more than I did. Having said that I’ve spent ages flapping around taking and editing shots, but I should have spent less time flapping around online.

External hard drive – did this one! All backed up ^_^

Deleting old shots – did most of 2012, got fed up. A thankless, loveless task which I to be honest I started doing then forgot about completely until I started writing this. I think it might be something to do a bit of every day….

I also managed to work with some people who I had never worked with before. Directing people and working with models was a good experience, although ultimately I prefer working alone.

The downside to the holiday was kB working flat out, all day, all night, weekends – and I think what made it worse was him being in the house. Where he works when he is working from home is the same room as where my computer is, so we were holed up together but he was super busy all the time 😦

Before the end of 2013 I want to….

  • Be fit and healthy, with a good attitude to exercise again. This will benefit my body and especially my knees. Hopefully this will mean that I am not in as much pain this winter as I was last.
  • Continue to experiment and push myself photographically. Get the vey best out of autumn this year – hopefully it will be a good one.

Autumn is my favourite time of year, so I am looking forward to it. I have some ideas which are batting around in my head for shots, and I need to keep at it but at the sam time not let it dominate to the point where everything else falls by the wayside – it will be more difficult to juggle once it gets darker earlier, as I like to do exercise when I get in from work which reduced my options photographically once the sun has set!

Things to do this six weeks

At the start of every six week holidays I like to write a list.Six weeks is a long time, but it’s very easy to waste six weeks doing nothing;Β  writing a to do list helps me to put into perspective what I want to achieve, and then I can refer back to it and see how well I did at the end.

In 2013, my six week holidays are all about:

  • Photoshop and photography. Over the last two months I have been creating photos that I am very happy with; this is a new concept for me as I am very critical of my own work. Before I was taking photos which I thought were OK, but now I am taking shots which I actually like in terms of style. Of course, doing a POTD project means there are duff ones, but I like the direction I am going in and want to progress further these holidays. I want to visit new places and come up with new concepts and try new techniques. I’m so inspired at the minute, and I want to push myself and progress.
  • Get buff. I’ve put on half a stone and stopped exercising. The half a stone has creeped on slowly over since Christmas, the exercise stopped gradually over the past two months. I think getting more involved in the photos has lead to stopping doing exercise, but no excuse now!
  • Look into selling prints online and at craft fairs
  • Read more. Probably also neglected due to photography. Again no excuse.
  • Buy a new external hard drive (actually I did this earlier) and back up my work seeing as it is currently scattered around several hard drives.
  • Go through the last two years of project 365’s and delete out all the rubbish shots which are just clogging up my hard drive (I’ve started on this but it’s going to be a big job!)

I’m sure I will come up with more stuff as time goes by, but these are my big aims.