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I'm quite introverted - probably why I'm pants at blogging!

Flying Home

Had a bit of a mardy morning as it was cloudy and I couldn’t get the PHP/mySQL to work, in a fit of rage I deleted everything off and had a nap. Had anticipated only having a half hour nap, but kept hitting snooze then finally turned it off telling myself I’d get up only to fall back to sleep. Two hours in total. However when I woke up, I was awoken by the sun.

I hastily had some dinner and headed out.

Cushion Chrysanthemum

Took some shots whilst I was waiting for the hot water to warm up, after my last couple of days where I thought I would get an easy shot but they turned out to be harder than I imagained I decided to go for flowers. These are the bouquet that I’ve had since my birthday, so we’re looking at them being over 3 weeks old.

On Saturday I tried to photograph these chrystanthemums but couldn’t get the lighting right. This shot worked without the texture in the background, but I preferred it with. It’s always satisfying when you struggle to take a shot but then get it right later on 🙂

Draw me a picture

I really struggled with this shot tonight. To say it’s “only pencils” it was a lot harder than I’d anticipated, and truth be told I was looking forward to shooting something easy. Not especially pleased with the results (Ironically this is the third shot I took out of 80) but I suppose that if we don’t try new things we will never get better.

One more magic potion

*insert Ensiferum lyrics here*

This was actually a lot harder than I’d anticipated. Much harder than the rose shot. After much trial and error I seemed to be getting decent smoke from both the pot and the mug, and lighting was OKish. I think that I should probably have saved this shot for next Tuesday (it’s half term).

Week 5: In Review

Been feeling a bit rough towards the back end of this week, this combined with the fact I went to visit my friend who is recovering from pneumonia on Monday (the day I normally do exercise) has meant that I’ve only done pilates once a hula dancing. My mum is fed up of hula and so we’re thinking of crossing over to line dancing, for the lols 😛

Bleach bathed my hair today. Ended up leaving it on for considerably longer than I anticipated (just over an hour) and my hair has gone this “delightful” shade of orange-yellow. Going to dye over it with pink on Thursday. I think it needs a bit of time to recover before I wash it again 🙂

Other than that the week has been pretty uneventful, the most comment worthy thing which happened was a massive power cut on Tuesday which lasted for 3 hours. kB went to band so I was in the house alone and bored 😦

This weekend should be the last weekend for a while that kB has to work. He’s been working 7 days a week for about 5 months now, so we’re both looking forward to going out next weekend!

My 1:1 macro lens arrived, and I have taken a few shots with it. It’s worth every penny I think (I did have a niggling sense that it might come and I would find myself disappointed in some way). I decided to change my watermark this week on my photos, so that it matches the font on my website. I’ve been putting it off because Lightroom doesn’t seem to want to recognise the font, so it means that I have to Export the photo at the size I want it out of LR and open it up in PS to add the watermark. Which means that I’ve forgotten to add it to a couple of shots this week. Which will annoy me. Forever.