The Miners Path // 23 02 2022

Miners Path // 23 02 2022

Today the weather was … not great. It started off quite nice in the morning, but by 10am it was chucking it down and super windy. So much so that we turned around and came home.

Path to the mountain

After a pit stop for an early lunch, the weather had settled down a bit so we went back out. Initially we were going to stop at Llyn Ogwen but we decided to carry on to Pen-y-Pass.


Parking at Pen-y-Pass is notoriously bad, but despite the fact it is half term in Wales the weather must have been keeping people out. We paid out £10 (!!) and off we went.

View to Capel Curig

The weather here wasn’t as kind to us as the weather back at the cottage, or at Llyn Ogwen – but we’d paid for it so we were walking! Despite the gale force winds, and the occasional wind shower it was a quite pleasant!
Below is a bonus picture from yesterday.

Dolbadarn Castle

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