Project 365 // Weeks 2 and 3

I had every intention of doing a post last Sunday, and a post today; but I’m finding this years Project 365 a lot harder than when I did it last time – mainly because I’m training 4x a week, and what with work this doesn’t leave a lot of time to take, edit and upload photos. So they seem to be done in batches. There are more photos than I would like that are last minute jobs.

But I need to remember that the whole point of this was to get used to using a different camera system. Which I am doing.

Light bulb // 13/01/2020// Lego Friends // 14/01/2020// A Warm Glow // 15/01/2020// Gerbera // 16/01/2020// Skulls // 17/01/2020// Selfie // 18/01/2020// Clothes // 19/01/2020// Shell // 20/01/2020// Left over Booze // 21/01/2020// Birthday Treats // 22/01/2020// Birthday Shark // 23/01/2020// A New Blanket // 24/01/2020// S and K // 25/01/2020// Birthday Sushi // 26/01/2020//

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