Devon Day 4; Blackchurch Rock

Black church Rock

One of the main things I was looking forward to seeing whilst in Devon was Blackchurch Rock. I was looking forward to getting their at sunrise/sunset (depending on where the sun was) and getting some epic shots.

Black church Rock

Unfortunately the tides weren’t really on our side the week we were there, so I did the best I could which was get there a couple of hours before sunset and hope the tide wasn’t too far in.


The walk down was lovely, through a bluebell forest which little fairy bridges crossing over the stream. By this point we had been discussing if we were blubelled out. It turns out I wasn’t.

Mouthmill Beach

Even though the tide was coming it (Sunset was at 830, high tide at 10) I did manage to get some good shots, even if they weren’t the shots I was hoping for.

Black church Rock
Mouthmill Beach
Mouthmill Beach

4 thoughts on “Devon Day 4; Blackchurch Rock

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  1. The third shot from the bottom and the third from the top are the ones that work for me. Great light and interesting composition. I’m not a fan of the shots that have posed people in them – you know, the tough guy standing the edge of the cliff, of the willowy girl in the floaty dress. Is it you in the photos? And if so how did you do it? And why? Honestly I’m curious. Perhaps there’s something I’m just not getting.


    1. I’m not sure what you are talking about, I don’t have a shot with a man in them. The girl in the dress is me and I’ve always been in my own shots I use a remote shutter. If you go back to when I did my Project 365 I’m in loads of my own photos

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      1. Oh I was talking about the general prevalence of a single person (either the macho man of the willowy woman in a floaty dress) posed in landscape shots. I suppose I assumed it was done by remote shutter of something like that, but didn’t know for sure. I’m just not a fan of it. I guess I’m a purist when it comes to landscapes. Will definitely have a look at your Project 365 series. Thanks for the clarification.


      2. I was confused because I don’t think I’ve ever used a macho man in a shot before 😊 There are loads and loads of shots of floaty dresses though. Thanks

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