White Scar Cave, Ingleton

The plan for the second day was to get up, have breakfast, go to photography Ribblehead Viaduct, go to the caves, come home.

White Scar Caves This largely went to plan… Apart from the photo the viaduct part. We drove to where the viaduct is (according to Google Maps) but it was so misty and so windy that we just turned around and went back to the cave. Ribblehead Viaduct

Second year in a row and no Ribblehead Viaduct picture!

The cave system is quite large, and took an hour and a half or so.

White Scar Caves Even though there were only 4 of us on the tour, I was told I wasn’t allowed to use my tripod at all (why not tell me this before we set off and I would have left it in the car? We were clearly carrying a tripod with us) so I had to do what I could. White Scar Caves

There was another waterfall in the cave – it has been a weekend of waterfalls!

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