Walk to Rievaulx Abbey

Rievaulx Abbey

I’d decided to not take my tripod on this walk, and instead use kB to hold the camera. Always a risky move as he’s not great at understanding what I’m trying to tell him! But dad had said it would be a 4 hour walk and I decided that it wasn’t worth carrying it.

Rievaulx Abbey

It took an hour and twenty to walk part of the Cleveland Way up to Rievaulx Abbey, but a good 10 minutes of that was dithering around realised we’d taken a wrong turn out of the car park.
The way back took an hour (no dithering).

Rievaulx Abbey

The abbey wasn’t very busy so I managed to grab a few shots with no one else in them, then we walked back the same way we came.

Golden Fields

Rievaulx Abbey

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