Last week it was my birthday! For my birthday we went away for the weekend. I decided that Malham would be the location for our mini trip. I’ve never been and it looked nice in photos online (and it’s not too far away from us).



We arrived on Friday night, and the weather forecast looked pants. When we woke up on Saturday the weather was pants! But we donned our waterproofs and set off out anyway.
Walk to Gordale Scar


The walk took us to Janet’s Foss (A waterfall in a small woodland area), then onto Gordale Scar (Waterfalls in a valley) and then onto Malham Cove (A limestone area at the edge of the hill).

Walk to Gordale ScarMore photos coming …

4 thoughts on “Malham”

  1. I know Malham well – living only a few miles away. You have captured the beauty of the place so well in this photoset 🙂


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