Tulip Fields

At the weekend me and kB went to Holland.

On the first day we went to Zaanse Schans to see the windmills (see above).

Red Tulips, Holland On the second day we went to Keukenhof and had a bike ride around the tulip fields (see above).

. Amsterdam
I think for some time I’d been a little bit worried that we would get there and there would be no tulips at all. However I needn’t have worried – there were loads. There were still some daffodil fields as well!

Pink tulip fields

 We arrived in Amsterdam at about 930 am. We navigated our way to the station at the airport, bought a day rider thingy, and got on the train to Amsterdam Centraal.
Once at the train station (Centraal) we got the bus to Zaanse Schans – this is where my planning paid off as I knew where to get the bus from and the bus times.


The bus had a little TV screen in it that told you what stop you were at, what the next 5 or so stops were and how far away you were from the destination. The destination of the bus was the Zaanse Schans so that was nice to know.

The bus dropped us off just around the corner and we strolled to the windmills. This was a lot busier than I’d expected it to be, but I managed to grab some shots without loads of people in them. kB tried mustard soup and we had some chocolate cake before heading back into the centre.

Tulip field

Once we were back in Amsterdam we had a little walk about in centre before getting the Metro to our hotel. Out hotel (Jaz) was next to the arena so it was a bit out of the way, but the super public transport made it easy to get to. The hotel was really nice, and the bed was so comfy. We had a shower and a nap before heading out for tea.


We had ribs for tea, then caught the tram to the main area where kB had a waffle. We had a stroll about for a bit and ended up in a nice pub which served beers brewed in Holland. I even had some fruit beers and enjoyed them!

Tulips, Holland The second day we got up fairly early so that we could get to Keukenhof and have a bike ride around the tulip fields before flying home.
I had pre booked Keukenhof tickets with the bus fair included, so once we were at the airport we got the 858 bus to the gardens.

Keukenhof was a lot better than I expected it to be. I’d not even originally planned on going as I was only really bothered about seeing the tulip fields, and I booked it out of anxiety in case all the tulips were gone from the fields.
I’m glad I booked it though, and even kB enjoyed it.
We had a great crochet thing, which was basically cheese, mustard and meaty bits with bread crumbs around the outside in a bread roll. OM NOM NOM. Delicious!

Tulips, Holland

We spent a couple of hours in Keukenhof before heading to the Rent a Bike place just outside Keukenhof. We tried a tandem bike but we couldn’t do it and it was horrific and would not have been safe at all to ride on the roads because we couldn’t pedal in a straight line. So we took it back and swapped it for 2 normal bikes.
Flowers, flowers everywhere!

We tried to follow the bike route given to us by the rent a bike place but loads of signs were missing and we got lost.
Some of the fields were already cut, some were in bloom and some were about to bloom.
There were tulips, daffodils and hyacinths ^_^
I somehow lost an hour taking photos and we ended up being almost late (We needed to be on the 3pm bus back to the airport and it was 215 and we were lost!).
We asked a lady who was selling lavender where we were and we were what looked like miles off route. She then explained it would be quicker to follow the cycle route back and it would only take us about 15 minutes.
So we set off back and made it onto the 3pm bus and back to the airport with bags of time. Time enough to shop in the duty free for chocolate and eat a pizza 🙂

Daffodil field ^_^

All in all it was a lovely weekend and kB wants to go back to Amsterdam at some point. He liked the architecture.

129 thoughts on “#Holland”

  1. I LOVED Keukenhof!!! I did a road trip with two carloads of co-workers, and it was a gas. Seriously I adored the flowers and the whole thing was just a lot of fun. Such a pretty, pretty place.

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  2. It is fun to read about your own country from your prespective. I liked that you had fun! If you liked the “kroket” you should try a “berenhap” next time haha…

    Groetjes uit Holland!!
    Liefs Lisa

    Liked by 3 people

  3. It is a beautiful country. With lovely people I must add. And Keukenhof is in a very special part of Holland.
    But for 99% of those who live here (be it Dutch or Foreigner), the rain is too much!!!

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  4. What a great post; being from the midwest, Chicago and Wisconsin tulips and daffodil are the most popular to welcome spring. Thank you for sharing this awesome color and reminding me of where these beauties come from.

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  6. One day Holland,i’ll come to visit you,one day i will,thanks for this,for someone who have always been dreaming to visit Holland this is like another shot of encouragement,no matter how far fetched it seems for now,thank you.

    Liked by 2 people

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