Perdition (Darkness by her side)

Perdition // 04 10 15// // 365

A busy morning baking brownies and cookies. I’ve been trying to add in more protein, so originally I substituted half of the cocoa for chocolate whey. This was fine! Then I substituted half of the flour for pea protein and they were OK but dry. So this time I put more of the liquid ingredients in and they were fine this time – huzzah!

This afternoon we went on a little exploration, and the light was rather nice 🙂

This evening I tried to make my own pasta for the first time. It went OK but it was too thick. To make my life more difficult it was protein pasta I was trying to make, and ravioli at that. I’ve never made pasta before! I will try it again though 🙂


Lost letters//

Darkness by her side//

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