Chasing sunsets

Chasing sunsets // 06 09 15// // 365
What do you do when you go out with some photo peeps to shoot the sunset but it just isn’t happening? (well obviously the sunset was happening, just behind a very large cloud that was sitting quite contently on the horizon line) You grab your back up dress out of your ruck sack, pull it on over your Dissection t-ship and ripped skinny jeans and go frolicking in the heather. I really struggled to get myself in focus today, as I was using my new wide angle lens (10-20mm Sigma, FYI) and I was finding it hard to figure out where to stand. Luckily I had some help on hand, and one of the photo peeps very kindly stood in place for me, then I stood where he was stood and all was well. Sunset, Suprise View//

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