Mr Snooty Fox and the Woman in White

Mr Snooty Fox // 05 08 15217 // 365

Yesterday was mine and kB’s 10 year anniversary. Mr Snooty Fox was one of the little presents he got me. Because I do indeed love foxes.

Woman in white // 06 08 15

218 // 365

This year I started off purple. Then I let it fade back to blue. Then I spend a few months between being blue and purple. I decided to fade it out and go pastel purple. So I ended up green. Then after a few failed bleaching attempts I decided the blue/green wasn’t coming out so I went dark red. I did not like dark red (despite being dark red for years!). In order to make myself feel a bit better about the red I decided to bleach the ends out and put a brighter red on them. In the process of bleaching the ends they went…. Pastel pink. Which I loved! I was a bit shocked that it went that way.
So I bleached my whole head, and was pastel pink / purple for a while. There were still blue-y undertones though. When I went on holiday the sun bleached the purple out, leaving it grey. Which I *really* liked. But it only did this to the top, so underneath it was purple and greeny. So then I decided on Monday to bleach it all again, originally with the intention of going a very pastel pink (which I hated, so I bleach it again). And now here I am with blonde/silver hair.
Whoever thought after all these years of being weird colours, I would end up blonde!
Disclaimer: If you plan on bleaching your hair, I would advice you use coconut oil. It does wonders to protect it from damage!

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