Wistful (The final sunrise)

Wistful // 26 07 15207 // 365

Not a good morning at all. My camera decided to topple over as I was taking some photos, but neither me nor my boyfriend were in reaching distance of it. Totally smashed the lens cover on a rock and it took a bit of a splash, but the lens and camera appear to work. I’ve not really had time to properly check them though, so I’m not getting my hopes up too much. My camera is waterproof but the lens isn’t. The lens cap rim has bent and it stuck on the camera, so I can’t get the hood off (it was on backwards) nor put another lens ring on it. So so so annoyed (obviously!) The final sunrise

8 thoughts on “Wistful (The final sunrise)”

      1. An interesting theory!
        However I didn’t drop it, I was stood in front of it taking a picture and it was on a tripod. I think it wasn’t quite stable on the sand as it was on a bit of a slope towards the rock pool and what with the wind… If I don’t align it right it does topple because it’s heavy, so I think the wind maybe pushed it and it wasn’t that stable in the first place so over it went!

        I don’t think I’d unconsciously drop it because I need to get to the end of the year to finish off my fifth year of photo a day! Maybe I’ll drop it on 1st Jan 2016 😉 hehehe


    1. So far so good, used it today and it seems to have worked. Tested the camera with other lenses too, so fingers crossed that was a really really lucky escape with only the lens protector getting smashed!


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