Out of the asylum

Out of the asylum // 14 06 15165 // 365

This weekend I have managed to ‘nap’ for over 5 hours. This week I managed 15 – 30 minutes every night after work. So that is 7 hours of napping this week, which I think is pretty good going! (I love naps!). To be honest there hasn’t been much to do, the weather has been really rubbish; cold, raining, damp, soggy, cold… It’s mid June!
I’d kind of wanted to go out and shoot all weekend, but as I was tired and it wasn’t very nice and I’ve not bothered.

In other news I am still loving my hair. I think I will be pale/pastel for some time ^_^ It doesn’t drip out when I exercise (When I was red if I was sweaty it used to drip red!) and the bathroom/bed wont get stained any more. I think that I might just go white as it grows out too. I’m feely pretty decisive about it too which is unusual for me!

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