Carnation // 28 05 15

148 // 365

A bit of lazy day today… I went to the shops this morning, and then came home and sorted out the washing. Then I meant to do the ironing, but I just kind of sat and watched the whole Sex and the City movie and did nothing else.

Then I took this photo (quick snap), and did my exercise, cooked tea and went to the gym. This was the last day when my brother can go with us (he’s into strongest man training, and the gym doesn’t really cater for him so he’s had to join a special one), so we focused on good technique so that when me and kB go together we know what to look for. I’m pants at good technique on the deadlift – I don’t push back when I stand up, and he is pants when squatting; but now we know what to look out for we can spot for each other!

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