Filler shot

Filler shot // 19 04 15

109 // 365

I seem to have quite comprehensively fallen off the photography wagon. I have no ideas, I’m not inspired. I can’t seem to et myself inspired, or get any ideas from anywhere. I don’t want to go anywhere to take any pictures, but I don’t want to fail my final 365.

I just seem to have lost my (photography) mojo.

It started around when my grandad died, and I thought it was kind of coming back last week; but since going back to work it just has not come back at all. I have no enthusiasm for what I am shooting (or editing).
I’ve tired a range of things to get me hooked back in, but nope! My brain is just not interested.

It makes me a bit sad, because I can remember getting excited about ideas in advance and jumping out of bed early to dash off and go and shoot them… And now I have whole days where I could be out shooting and instead I just think something up last minute :-/

It has been by far the longest rut I can remember being in.

4 thoughts on “Filler shot”

  1. I think we all suffer that same fate and have to find the way out, and we do. Be okay with your loss of creativity as that will allow it to be what it is, when time passes and the right moment then appears, you’ll be back on track. Don’t be so hard on yourself. I don’t know you but I know what you’re feeling. Try to go about your day (prepared with even a point and shoot camera in hand, a pen/paper too) then just see what moves you, but as a sidenote, don’t go out with that in mind, go out to walk, to feel a breeze on your face, to feel some sunlight, to pat a stray dog. Be mindless in your wanderings and just watch your passion appear. Good luck to you on this brief interlude of doubt.


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