Wishful thinking

Wishful thinking // 12 02 15071 // 365

On the way home I went to go and take some photos, I had a vague idea of what I was aiming for but what I had not expected was finding a skull in a field. So naturally it had to get used in a shot!

I also took it home (as you do) but I didn’t really want to touch it, so I carried it all the way back to the car park on the end of a stick hahahaha. Luckily most people would still be at work, so the land I was walking through (which can normally be quite busy with people jogging/cycling/walking dogs) was quite empty. There was a couple behind me (who totally must’ve seen I had a skull on a stick), and a couple who walked past me with their dog… The woman with the dog stared intently at the dog/floor, and the younger woman she was with gave me a nervous kind of half smile …:-P

One thought on “Wishful thinking”

  1. Doesn’t matter what they think… Drop that skull in a pot with just a touch of bleach and boil it. Shiny white it should be then. Love this photo and how creative you are!!!


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