Evil Eye Lounge, York

Evil Eye Lounge, York // 20 02 15051 // 365

This is yesterdays photo. It’s a day late as I was in York yesterday/earlier today seeing a band, eating fudge and drinking 7% cider. Then eating sausage. mmmmm.
When me and kB first started going out I think I made us go to York to go to the Jorvik Viking Museum; long and short of it is it’s quite short and smells bad (The museum, not York!). Upon this trip, which was probably about 8 years ago now, we stumbled into the Evil Eye Lounge and had above Ramen soup. It was delicious and started (mainly me) on a rampage of noodle soups.
This week was the Viking Festival, with one of my favourite bands closing it on the Friday so we decided to make a day of it. We also decided to return to the Evil Eye Lounge and retry the soup. It was just as delicious. It’s the soup base that does it <3.

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