Return to dust

Return to dust // 19 02 15050 // 365

Had this shot in mind for a while, but kept putting it off. I’d decided that I was doing it today the other day, but then of course it rained all day. Never one to be put off by a bit of rain I shot it anyway… 🙂

Looking forward to going to York tomorrow :-B

Here is some Moonsorrow goodness (kB *hates* them and he is not looking forward to seeing them at all *bwa hahaha*) from when we saw them at Bloodstock in 2012. kB hated them then, he hates them now. Yet he shall have to watch them tomorrow. Hopefully the sound will be better!

I always try to find myself in these videos, not that I’ve ever managed to, but I can tell you exactly where I was stood….

Quite looking forward to stopping in a hotel when we do Bloodstock this year, gammy joints totally winning there as it’s so not metal to stop in a hotel, but joint pain is a valid reason to sleep in a bed not on the floor.
Having said that I quite like camping at BOA, and will miss the traditional Thursday night/Friday morning BBQs, the overwhelming amount of Haribo consumed at literally any time of day or night no questions asked, and warm cider.

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