Project 365 themes

Sometimes it is hard to think up your own ideas for a 365, so here are some ideas to help you along…

  • A colour per month; red, orange, blue, white, black, purple, pink, yellow, green, grey, pink, brown
  • Landscapes; cityscapes, waterscapes

View from the ruins // 22 02 14

  • Portraits; strangers, family, friends, events. Take up a 100 strangers project.
  • Animals; pets, visit the zoo, wild animals, insects

Sunset over the Longshore Estate // 02 11 14

  • Weather; clouds, sunny days, snow, frost, wind
  • Macro / close up
  • Still life

Edamame Beans // 22 04 13

  • Seasons; winter, spring, summer, autumn. Take the same shot in the same place of the same thing at different times of the year.
  • Flowers; bouquet, in the garden, visit a botanical garden

The Daisy // 13 06 14

  • Memories; significant objects, old photos, favourite places, favourite things
  • Food; meals out, cook something
  • Shooting without editing (!)

Korean Stone Hot Pot // 336

  • Abstract; smoke, water drops, every day objects shot from different angles
  • Juxtaposition
  • Slow shutter speeds; light trails, milky water
  • Every day objects; try and spice things up by taking an every day object and trying to shoot it in a more interesting way

Fork // 21 11 14

  • Events; water sports, gigs, horse racing
  • Feelings; love, happiness, sadness
  • Different times of the day; sunrise, morning, midday, afternoon, sunset, night time

What comes next // 23 11 14

  • Shoot with only one lens
  • Shoot in full manual
  • Hobbies
  • All about you

In from the rain // 08 11 14

Top tips:

  • Research – look on Google Image Search, Flickr, Pintrest for ideas if you are stuck. Always remember to give credit back where deserved if you are taking on someone else’s image.
  • Practice. If you have an idea then it might take a couple of times to get it right, stick with it and give it a few goes. Where possible leave a few days or ideally a week between goes as it will give you time to reflect on what went wrong.
  • Try to have a theme a week. Even if you only take one shot on theme per week it’s still one image where you already have an idea to start off with. If you are feeling particularly adventurous you could try to take each image on theme, but that can make your life harder trying to stick on theme every day.

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