How to survive… December

12-2014That’s it! 31 more days and then there’s a full year in the bag 🙂

Sheffield City Hall // 17 12 13

Positives of December

  • The possibility of snow. And with that comes a snow day 😉
  • Christmas! Lights, presents, people – there is a lot to keep you occupied in the run up to Christmas
  • Sunrise and sunset. Again more achievable given the times they are at (although see negatives)
  • Frost and mist. mmmmm ❤ my favourites
  • It’s dark. Thus it is easier to do night time photography!

Negatives of December

  • Sunrise and sunset. Now they happen so late / early that the chances are you will be on your way to work when the sun comes up, and not leave until after it’s gone down! Bummer
  • It’s cold. Brrrrr, means you have to wrap up warm if you want to venture out
  • It’s a bit more wet. So probably pack a brolly too

Waiting for the end of the world // 29 12 13

How to Survive… December

  • Embrace the night. Car trails, star trails… All a lot easier when it’s dark by 430!
  • Don’t be afraid of adverse conditions. Prepare for the bad weather but get out in it. Remember that camera batters don’t last as long in the cold so pack a spare. It’s also a good idea to take a towel with you (just a small one!), just in case. Besides there is nothing like a drastic change in weather to spice up a landscape that you’ve shot 49304230 times this year 😉
  • Embrace the festivity. Even if you are Scruge, get out there and shoot the run up to Christmas. Christmas markets, decorations, embrace them! They will save your December if you’ve run out of ideas.
  • Bokeh. Bokeh is out of focus light, and given that there will be fairy lights pretty much every where, embrace the technique and come up with some interesting results.

December 2013

By candlelight // 10 12 13

December 2012

Korean Stone Hot Pot // 336

December 2011

Warnings // 31 12 11December 2010

After being mad at myself for giving up, I technically started taking a photo every day from the 18th December 2010…

Santa's Dirty Laundry (011 // 28 12 10)

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