Of the misplacement of thoughts

Of the misplacement of thoughts // 12 11 14316 // 365

The other weekend we ordered a new bed. It is due to arrive at some point this week (Thurs – Sat), but we needed to get rid of the old bed frame and mattress. The council do a collection service once in a while, and it just so happened that today was the day for our areas collection. Tuesday night we dismantled the frame and put it outside, leaving us with the mattress to sleep on, then this morning we took the mattress outside too.

Tonight we have to sleep on an air bed – but we’re lucky I managed to get it inflated! kB thought he had an adapter in his car tyre blowing up set, but it turns out he didn’t… So we spent half an hour driving around various shops to try and find out, but no one had one in stock. I suppose they’re not exactly in hot demand in November!

We’d just about given up when I had the idea to blow it up with the hair dryer on cold and it went up in about 15 seconds! Result! 🙂

Anyway, I grabbed this shot at about 730 just before I left for work. The sun hadn’t really risen so it was really dark, but it would be rude not to utilise the mattress in ones garden as these things don’t happen all that often!

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