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Today has been a bit of a lazy day. I nipped out and shot this, then went to go out and shoot the Henderson’s Relish factory, and after tea I’m going out to see my friends band. Busy busy! Not too sure if I will take my camera or not, but I think I might as I’ve not tested out my new lens in low light situations yet.

Not 100% happy with how the balls (hurr hurr) look on today’s shot, but I don’t think there is anything I can do about them. Of course I am open to suggestions about what to do with them; so long as it won’t involve starting again.

In that regard a 365 is a bit of a curse; shoot, edit, upload all on the same day, then if I’m not happy with it it’s a bit like ‘tough upload it anyway and move on’ instead of leaving it and going back to it.

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