How to survive… November


It’s been a long road but we are almost there now 🙂 Depending on how you want to think about it, November/December are either the worst months (Short days, dark a lot, poor weather, at the end of the year when you’re out of steam and ideas) or two of the best months (you’ve gotten better at photography, CHRISTMAS. Ahem.)

Trapped // 03 11 13

Positives of November

  • Muted colours. The colours have pretty much changed and dropped off, but for the ones still hanging on you can make a pretty good statement with them against a bleak backdrop.
  • Nice light. As the sun doesn’t rise as high in the sky you can get some decently lit shots at pretty much any time of the day.
  • Easier to do dark shots. Light trails, star trails are much easier to do when it goes darker earlier. And this ties nicely in with…

Negatives of November

  • Cold, damp and dark. Basically what the title says.
  • End of the year; lack of ideas and major loss of interest. My 2011 is just WOW BAD for November. I’d managed to forget just how bad but as I was going through looking for images to put at the end of the post I was perplexed how there were none which were even half good, or even a quarter good. But I got through to the end of the year, so hey ho.
  • Loss of interest from others. By this point most people have given up, or it’s become such a burden/so not interested that they can’t be bothered to interact with other people. Will power!

The beauty in winter days // 13 11 13

How to survive… November

  • Start to introduce Christmas. Yes. Seriously. I’m not saying all the time, but you can start to drip it in. Decorations in stores, lights going up in city centres…
  • Night time shots. As mentioned above get creative with light trails and fireworks etc
  • Revisit shots from the very start of the year. November and December are pretty similar to January and February. Have a look through some of the shots you did then and try to recreate them. The chances are you are a lot better at photography by now and it will be a nice comparison.
  • Work with lights. Invest in some studio lights or flash guns and experiment with them. This will open up a whole set of doors for you and give you more things to shoot.

November 2013
The delicate nature of life // 04 11 13
November 2012
Harewood House // 01 11 12
November 2011
Sunflowers (335 // 17 11 11)

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