Excess baggage

Excess baggage // 29 10 14

302 // 365

Another rushed photography day… After yesterday’s double booking I had to have my hair done this morning, but I needed to meet my friends this afternoon. So there was some manic hair dying/showering etc before chucking myself on a tram to go and meet one friend for coffee (well tea for me. British standards and all that), and another after for beer (cider for me!).

So whilst my roots were peroxide blonde, my hair blue and wet I dipped into the country park which was en route home and snapped today’s shot; before coming home, dumping loads of blue hair dye on my head and starting to edit it. Mid edit I had to sort my hair out and get ready, and I just finished it off now. After a pint and a half of 5% cider. I’m a total light weight.

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