How to survive… October

October is quite possibly my most favourite month of all. It’s where autumn comes into full swing and also there is Hallowe’en! Christmas is starting to come into swing too (which I know isn’t great for some people, but it creates more photo opportunities)
Disconnected // 30 10 13
Positives of October

  • Hallowe’en. Props are out, people want to have their photo taken when they are dressed up, there are events towards the back end of the month… Loads of opportunities
  • Oranges and reds and yellows oh my. Colours are popping and all over the place!
  • Misty mornings and dew. Autumn brings the cooler weather, especially in the early hours. It creates some stunning photo opportunities, especially just after sunrise.

Negatives of October

  • It’s getting dark again. Those nights are drawing in, the mornings are darker when you get up. It’s getting darker again!
  • Damp and rainy. With the changing weather, also comes a change for the worse. It’s darker and it might be wet more often.

Japanese Anemones // 07 10 13

How to Survive… October

  • Get creative with Hallowe’en props. Position them and have them as still life, rope someone into dressing up, go out to your city or towns Hallowe’en event and photograph the people there. Most people wont mind as they’ll be behind masks.
  • Great time to practice portraits and street photography. Following on from the above, it makes for a great time to practice photographing people when they’re hidden behind the masks!
  • Colours, colours, colours! Get out there and shoot nature whilst it is at it’s most glorious.

October 2013

The Wicked Witch // 16 10 13

October 2012

Chinese Lanterns // 23 10 12

October 2011

Chatsworth (311 // 24 10 11)

October 2010

I don’t think I ever made it to October this year 😦

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