Overwhelmed // 23 09 14
266 // 365

Today has been a Rammstein kind of day. It’s also been the worst knee day I can remember having in a very very very long time. Every time I placed my left leg on the floor it was a whole load of ouch and all I wanted to go was curl up in bed. By the end of the day it was a bit better (it always seems to be best in the afternoon, which is weird), but it’s back in full swing now. I’m really looking forward to going to bed!
Yesterday my blog had quite a few hits from one place, and it turns out that a website has written a little blog post about me 🙂 So hi if you’ve ended up here because of that post!
Today’s shot fits in with my ‘In another world’ series which I am currently working on connecting all the little dots together.

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