Doe, a deer, a female deer

Doe, a deer, a female deer // 20 09 14263 // 365

This morning I drove us to the Chestnut Centre to go and photograph otters and generally test out my new lens. I bought a 150 – 500mm Sigma zoom lens, as it’s something I’ve been thinking about doing for a while. With rutting season coming up and a few photo friends knowing where to find deer (and rutting season being on my to do list for a while) I figured that I might as well buy one now so that I can practice with it.

This was hand held, and these deer are practically tame as they are at an animal sanctuary; but it was great practice for my new lens on it’s first proper outing. I took all of my shots hand held despite making kB carry my tripod. I was really surprised how sharp a lot of them were at 500mm 6.3 hand held by a female with no arm strength and a tremor! 😀

I managed to get some which were more in focus than this one, but I liked how the grass looked and the overall feel of this one hence it being photo of the day!


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