Of stormy ends to summer days

Of stormy ends to summer days // 29 08 14241 // 365

Strange how we can live so close to something and not even know it exists. Manor Castle, Sheffield is something I have always lived 10 minutes away from. For the majority of my life I wasn’t even aware that it existed.

Manor Castle was built about 1516 for George Talbot (the 4th Earl of Shrewsbury) and his family should they want to go deer hunting (apparently this part of Sheffield was a massive deer park). Mary Queen of Scots is supposed to have been  held prisoner here, although there isn’t much left to keep anyone a prisoner in now! 

There is still a turret house standing, but most of the lodge is in the state you can see in the image.

Turns out wearing white ballet pumps wasn’t my finest idea and I really hurt my toe just before I took this. I then hobbled around the site for a short while before hobbling around the outside of the site where there were fantastic views of Sheffield.

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