How to Survive… September

September is the start of my favourite part of the year – autumn (or fall, if you’re American). Leaves start to turn and fall from trees, sunsets are at a fantastic time of the day, and the air is crisp.

Catching the wings of fallen angels // 04 09 13

Positives of September

  • Changing colours. There is a remarkable change which starts to happen over the next few months, starting in September. It was only last year that I noticed leaves start changing and dropping off trees in August, but it is a lot more noticeable in September
  • Different fruit and flora. Apples might drop down, mushrooms sprout up (Oh my god do I love mushrooms!); make sure you get out an explore what you can find!
  • Sunrise and sunset. Defiantly achievable, and usually quite nice at the time of year. Make sure that you don’t put it off, because there is less of an incentive to go out once winter hits.

Negatives of September

  • Changing weather. The weather wont be as warm, or possible as nice as it has been. Take an extra layer and make yourself get out there
  • Loss of interest. With the drop in temperature its easier to come up with a reason to not go out and shoot. Then with that you lose interest as you’re trying to come up with indoor shots, then you remember the start of the year, add in the fact there are 4 full months to go and you start to wonder ‘why bother’. Make the effort if September is even half nice, start to collect objects that you can use as still life later in the year – you’ll thank yourself for it once the days are short again.

Never alone // 21 09 13
How to Survive… September

  • Autumn colours. Revisit a scene you shot earlier in the year and document the changes as the seasons have changed.
  • Fallen items. Leaves, sycamore seeds, fruit.
  • New foliage. Autumn flowers, acorns – look out for them.

September 2013
Broken // 15 09 13

September 2012
Acorns // 06 09 12

September 2011
Changable Weather (271 // 14 09 11)

September 2010
I’d taken photos at least a week into September, but I’d lost them by accidentally deleting them – don’t give up like I did! I really regretted it in hindsight, especially this close to the end of the year!

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