Photo catch up: Italy (part 2)

Day  6
Capri // 20 08 14
232 // 365
It was miserable and overcast and it rained a bit, but we had already decided we were going to go to Capri so off we went. In all honesty the rain was welcome as it cooked us down, I would have hated to think what it was like if we had gone in the blistering heat. We walked quite a distance and there were a lot of steps. Again, my walking stick came in very handy – so glad that I bought it before we went as I’m not sure I would have been able to walk as much as I did this holiday without it 🙂

Day 7

Distracted // 21 08 14233 // 365
I woke up at sunrise with loads of ideas in my head for shots, but none of them really worked out and I’m not even that keen on this one but as I’d spent a while collecting fallen fruit and got mud all over my dress I felt obliged to use it. I was a bit fed up of lugging my camera around everywhere in the heat, so I left my camera and lenses in the hotel (with a bucket load of apprehension). All was well, and when we got home I shot loads of the flowers in the garden just before tea.

Day 8 (well not really we got picked up to come home at 730am)
Of long days and short nights // 22 08 14

234 // 365
We were getting up at 6am anyway to check the suitcases and room before heading down for a hasty breakfast before getting picked up at 730. I decided I wanted to grab a couple of shots in the hotel itself, so I set my alarm for 530 and off I went.
I was pretty much the only person awake in the hotel, and I thought I was doing well as I couldn’t hear anyone else up. However to get to the location above I had to walk through reception. I was in an evening dress, barefoot, with a camera, two lenses and a tripod and alone. I bumped into the man who was on reception as I was almost at the little sitting room – grr!
He was so confused bless him, and he thought that I wanted to photograph the pool (it had lights around it), and was even more confused when I turned down his offer to open the door to the pool area. I felt like I owed him an explanation so I said I was leaving today (true) and I’d woken up early and couldn’t get back to sleep (not true).

Glad I made the effort though as I like this shot ^_^

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