Awaiting the coming storm

Awaiting the coming storm // 13 08 14225 // 365

Yesterday I ordered a new lens; the Sigma 18 – 35mm 1.8 lens to be exact. Today said lens arrived (along with my Emperor hoodie!). I totally forgot to order a filter for it, but that should arrive tomorrow (thank goodness for Amazon Prime trials!).

After sitting around the house for most of the morning (seriously, waiting for the post is like the worst activity ever. DPD send you a text in the morning and give you an hour slot. Pretty much every one else just leaves you waiting), I ventured out mid afternoon to snap this. It has been on my photography to do list for a while now, and the grass in this field had grown back (the last time I set out to do this shot, the farmer had cut it all!) and the skies looked epicly moody. To be honest I’m quite surprised it hasn’t rained all day.

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