The anticipation of summer days (Sunrise at the Corn Field)

The anticipation of summer days // 03 08 14215 // 365

A nice early start today – sunrise was at 525. I went out for sunrise the other week and it was lovely and warm, quite refreshing in fact because the weather was really really warm. It was warm enough at 430 in the morning for me to be in a sun dress and not be cold (And given I am always cold this means it must have been fairly warm!)
This morning however was another story, I felt like I needed gloves on. I couldn’t wait to put my jumper back on despite the fact I was wearing a vest top and another top over it.

In my mind August always means summer, but in reality (in the UK at least) it always seems like June and July are nicer and warmer. For the first time I noticed that in August the leaves start to drop off the trees; in all my 27 years I had never notices that before!

Sunrise at the Corn Field

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