How to Survive… August

The end seems slightly closer now (Which means Christmas is closer too! haha ;-)). August can be a good month for photography, you just need to make sure that you make the most of it when and where you can.

Of a captivating summers day drawing to a close // 18 08 13

Positives of August

  • Holidays. A lot of you will be jetting off on your travels so it makes for a great opportunity to snap different things. A holiday is also good for resting and recharging your batteries so make the most of it!
  • Sunset. It’s at a much more reasonable time (Thanks nature) so you should be able to make it out to shoot a few of these.
  • Good weather. Normally August sees some nice weather too, so when you’re out shooting those sunsets it should be warm still, and hopefully a lot of “red sky at night” 😉
  • Home town events. The kids are off school in August so normally there are a lot of events on in bigger cities.
  • Flowers. Still. Hurray!

Negatives of August

  • Busy! With holiday comes holiday preparation!
  • Sunrise. Still at an ungodly hour 😛

The Lighthouse // 24 08 13
How to Survive… August

  • Street Photography (1) – go out and document all those events going off; just make sure you know the rules around what and where you can photograph
  • Landscapes and sunset – those acceptable hour sunsets make it ideal to photograph landscapes. Make sure you have a point of interest in the shot
  • Flowers – try to visit places like Botanical Gardens to shoot more exotic types
  • Street Photography (2) – whilst on holiday try to capture the candid feel of the place you are visiting

August 2013

The pastel shades of summer // 19 08 13

August 2012

Sunset at Higger Tor // 29 08 12

August 2011

Sunlight and Music (227 // 01 08 11)

August 2010

01 08 10

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