The other side

The other side // 21 07 14

202 // 365

Today I got up before sunrise and went to Rother Valley Country Park. It’s really close to where I live so it is useful for things like this! 🙂
I’d anticipated it being a bit chilly, but actually I was perfectly fine just in my dress. It probably helped that I’d had a really bad night (read: 4hours) sleep because it was too warm.
Anyway, I’ve snapped this, been to get some holiday clothes from the shops, done some washing and I’m now just about to start Week 4 of Ripped in 30 (with the food shopping to occur after tea)! A productive first day of the six week holidays. Tomorrow we have ironing and generally cleaning the house seeing as I’m not actually allowed to leave the house as I have to stop in and wait for kB’s delivery. Speaking of which I’m expecting my waterproof camera at some point this week – can’t wait to try it out before the holiday! ^_^

Such an exciting life.

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