Waiting // 13 07 14


194 // 365

This weekend has been lovely, sunny and warm. Yesterday I didn’t really do much; but today we went out to the Curbar Edge. I like it there because it is easy to park and flat (which is good for my joints) with stunning views. Today we paid and parked in the proper car park and read the sign which is in there. Turns out there are adders here, so I spent the entire time we were there pointing out (fictional) adders, and telling my boyfriend to ssh so we could listen out for them. We managed to spot an adder sacrificial rock (where adders sacrifice humans), the adder meeting place, and the adder home but we did not spot any actual adders. We heard them though…. They sound suspiciously like crickets – sneaky buggers.

I would like to point out that we saw or heard nothing to do with adders but just made it all up. Just to clarify in case anyone wants to point out that crickets and adders sound nothing alike.

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