How to Survive… July


Now you are half way through the year! Congratulations!
January seems like an age ago, and Christmas/the end of the year feels like a million miles away. This year I’m starting to feel a bit CBA with taking photos, so whilst writing this I’m thinking about what I can do to get myself motivated once more. Last year I decided to keep on going with the ‘surrealist’ photography. I was pretty pleased that I had managed a whole month of it, and learnt so much in the process!
Actually in the process of looking back over last years July shots I’ve got a lot of shots in there that I still like to this day! 🙂

Bleak // 22 07 13

Positives of July

  • It’s still light! We might have had the longest day, but it’s still light out.
  • Flowers. Always changing 🙂

Negatives of July

  • Same as June (and May). And August! Weather can be hit and miss (well here in the UK at least). The weather is similar, the light is similar. Same issues with going out and holidays.
  • Sunrise and sunset. Not exactly at the best hours…

When a book comes to life // 14 07 13

How to survive… July

  • Food photography – People will be having BBQs, eating ice creams, picnics – shoot it! Food by itself of make it more lifestyle. If you like baking/cooking cook up a storm and shoot it before you eat it
  • Lifestyle photography – Out and about? Document it. Go for candid shots instead of posed and try to capture the true feel of an event
  • Challenge yourself – Pick an object, or a word and shoot around it. Be as abstract or literal as you like. Try to keep the theme going for a week – that will force you to become more creative!
  • Shoot a stranger – with your camera, obviously 😉 This is so far out of my comfort zone it is unbelievable, but for some it wont be that bad.

July 2013
Many hands make light work // 29 07 13

July 2012
Sunset // 04 07 12

July 2011
Storm Clouds (222 // 27 07 11)

July 2010
03 07 10

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