Lavender // 05 06 14

156 // 365

After a feint glimour of hope yesterday with the internet being OK, and then it still being OK this late afternoon/early evening… It is now being slow again 😦

However! It is Friday tomorrow, and thus the weekend.

I’ve been doing the 30 Day Shred and Saturday is my first day at Level 2. I’ve got noticeably better at Level 1 wherein I can now keep up with the advanced lady and do everything properly (except for push ups, still can’t do them properly). Somewhat frustratingly I have put almost 3lbs on since I started doing it, but I’m hoping this is water retention and that it comes off in the long run. TBH I’m not too bothered about how much I weigh, I just want to fit into my shorts again!! (I’ve put about a stone and half on from last year)

2 thoughts on “Lavender”

    1. Apparently you put on weight at first because you’re building up muscle quicker than you are burning fat, as 1lb of muscles weighs the same as 1lb for fat but muscle is denser? Or something, so said the internet! hehe 🙂


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