Bewildered // 01 05 14121 // 365

Today it was misty. The mist kind of never went away, but it came back about tea time-ish. By this time I was in the peak district (countryside, so the mist is thicker) with my friend. This pleases me because I was wanting a shot in the mist the last time we had loads of smog, but I never made it out in it!


12 thoughts on “Bewildered”

      1. Do you sell digital copies? I was thinking of drawing it as a “one off piece”. If not I totally understand, wish I could take photos as well as I draw……your photos have a beautiful ethereal element to them, which are themes I use


      2. I do sell digital copies yes, are you wanting to sell your image once you gave drawn it?
        I wish I could draw better! I guess you always want what you don’t have 🙂


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