Isolation // 24 04 14114 // 365

Day 13 / 16 – Photo in a different location every day challenge
Location 12: Woodhouse Washlands Nature Reserve, Sheffield, UK

Although recently being called a nature reserve, this piece of land is I believe a flood plane for the River Rother. It is therefore very wet and boggy, with lots of midges. At one point I even had a tiny slug in my bag. Luckily it was on a lens cap so it was easy to take him out, not too sure I would have been able to scoop him out of my bag with my hands!

So despite the mud and boggy-ness off came the boots and the socks and I stepped onto some nettles at least three times so I was covered in muck and stingy! It would have been a lovely sunset had it not been quite so cloudy.


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