The inspiration in solitude

The inspiration of solitude // 17 04 14107 // 365

Day 6 / 16 – Photo in a different location every day challenge
Location 6: Shillito Woods, Peak District, Derbyshire, UK

Despite the weather being lovely for the last few days today has been miserable. Now I saw miserable, but by that I mean overcast which actually does me a whole host of favours as it is a lot easier to get out and shoot. My mum and I went on a drive to re-find these gnarled, weathered, bent, tree stumps… Only to get there and not be able to find them. We drove the same route, walked up and down the road where they were… But nope. Instead where we thought they were were the trees in today’s shot.
Our options are: 1. My and my mum are psychically linked and both dreamt up the same thing, 2. They were dug up and someone planted the above trees in their place 3. How we imagined them and the reality were vastly different.
Most likely option being number 3, but odd how we both imagined them to look the same in both of our respective heads (Yes we have driven past them and seem them with our own eyes before this).

Shillito Woods has a lot of birds (obviously, as it’s a woodland/moorland) but the RSPB are working there too to build things and change the landscape a bit to make it better for them. Most photographers go there to photograph the birds, I went there to stand in a floaty dress, in the cold, dank, British weather, in a bog and hold a stick. Because that is just how I roll.


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