Destitute // 12 04 14
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This morning I went to the Crooked Spire Church in Chesterfield. It’s proper name is St Mary’s and All Saints, but it is known for it’s crooked spire and such is locally called ‘The Crooked Spire’.
It was an uninterestingly overcast day, and I’m trying to only snap-to-use (meaning no snapping for the sake of snapping if I know I wont use the shot!) so I didn’t take any photos outside, nor did I take any photos of the view when I got to the top, but I did snap some inside.

Walking to the top of the building was not my wisest of choices, doubly so when I didn’t even take a photo. I could feel my legs and hips starting to twinge as I was going up, but I went up anyway. Sometimes I’m my own worst enemy.

Today also marks the first day of the Easter holidays, and my challenge to take a photo in a different location every day (weather permitting).

Day 1 / 16 – Photo in a different location every day challenge
Location 1: St Mary’s and All Saints Church, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK.

Chesterfield Parish Church is the largest Parish Church in the Diocese of Derby. It was built in the 14th century, but the spire was added later, in 1362. The spire twists 45 degrees and leans almost 10 feet from where it should.

IMGP4904_April 12, 2014-Edit


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